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Reduce Preventable Auto Crashes by up to 60%
Without Having to Pull Your Employees off the Road.

  • Are you concerned about the number of crashes your employees are involved in?
  • What about the huge cost of these crashes, not to mention the lost productivity?
  • Have you been forced to at least partially "self-insure" as a way to manage these costs?
  • Here's what Collision Avoidance Technology and Training can do for YOU:
  • REDUCE preventable auto crashes by up to 60%
  • MITIGATE your company's liability exposure
  • CUT your self-insurance costs
  • PROTECT your valued employees by identifying risky driving habits.
  • BOOST company's bottom line

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Implemented By Over 700 Companies and 1 Million Safer Drivers

Business Owners, CEO's, Presidents, CFO's and Financial, and HR Professionals ALL love us:

CEOs and Owners
love us


  • We Protect valued employees by providing life-saving training, with little to no downtime
  • We Preserve your Brand by preventing crashes that can result in negative media coverage which can destroy a company's image in the blink of an eye
  • Our program is so cost-effective your company can implement it every year (as is recommended by all major Insurance and Training organizations)
  • By implementing our training, your company can reduce self-insurance costs and qualify to be 're-rated' by your insurance company, usually resulting in lower premiums
  • Our clients enjoy an ROI of as much as 900%!

Safety and Fleet


  • We complement, reinforce and help to sustain their in-house training
  • Our system quickly identifies high risk drivers, enabling them to focus training where it is needed most
  • By reducing crashes, we keep more of their vehicles on the road and working
  • We have a proven crash reduction average of 30 – 60% with over 1 million employees trained in 700 companies worldwide, over the past 14 years
  • We reduce crashes and mitigate the company's huge potential for liability losses caused by employee negligence lawsuits

Most importantly,
Employees love us:


  • The actual training is Fast, Fun and Effective (almost like playing a video game, and only takes 20 minutes per week for a few short weeks!)
  • We use a simple, step-by-step process to establish long-term safe driving habits
  • They can work at their own pace, and enjoy easy-to-access support
  • One of the most popular features of our program is that it allows them to register a secondary driver. This means they can protect a spouse, teenager or other loved one by making them safer behind the wheel also


Disturbing Facts That Could Cripple a Business

Auto accidents are 90% human error, and yet a single accident costs you between $16,500 to upwards of $504,408.
With employers losing $60 Billion, and over 3 Million Lost Work days, each and every year, on motor vehicle crashes the smart business cannot afford to ignore the problem.

We had our first fatality in 2011. Particularly in light of how many gadgets and other things cause driver distraction these days, I want to ramp up our safety program to reduce our accident rate and protect our drivers better. Donna Bibbo, Manager of Fleet and Travel at Novo Nordisk.